What exactly is an evolved bachelor?

What exactly is an evolved bachelor?

As I was cruising the internet, looking for anything geared towards single men and I noticed a trending pattern. There is nothing for us. Just paid dating websites. And let’s be honest Myspace and Facebook are free. Now it makes me wonder… is there nothing for us because we don’t care or, is there nothing because we do care and we won’t admit it. Well… I did care and I do care, and so began the creation of The Evolved Bachelor. A blog set up for us bachelor’s to come together and better ourselves and to have fun. However there was something else I noticed while surfing. The common view of a bachelor is kind of negative. The proverbial they... seem to refer to us as adult children or hardcore partiers and all around irresponsible people. Now there is only one problem I see with that notion. It is totally TRUE! The thing is, it doesn't have to be that way. We as a collective group can change the definition together. We as bachelors can easily prove these notions wrong. Turning bachelorhood from chump to champ.

So what exactly is an evolved bachelor you ask? Simply put, it’s a way of life. For example, a man gets married. He has a few kids. What happens? He is somewhat forced to grow up. Yes, he gets a job to support his family. Yes, he sometimes plays with his kids after work. And yes, he even sometimes picks up dinner on his way home. So basically, he becomes responsible. But he has a wife. He has a support system, and in many relationships, (and I’m not trying to be, or sound sexist) the wife takes care of things like the laundry, the household chores, cooking, and shopping. And she remembers all the birthdays and anniversaries, his family and hers. And if you ask my mother, not that it's necessary she'll tell you anyway, that it’s a full time job in itself. She is always joking about how she raised two kids, me... and my father. But sometimes I swear she really means it.

As bachelors, we don't have that support system, and well you know... sometimes a lot of the tasks that I mentioned get blown off. I know for a fact, myself included, that we fall guilty of this. On too many occasions I've forgotten my own parents birthdays, or I’ve let the laundry go for a while without washing it, and what’s worse I have been in the restaurant business for over 10 years but instead of cooking, I’ll pick up the most unhealthiest microwavable meal I can find. I’ve even started a “beer bottle collection,” because I’m too lazy to throw them away (and by the way a true bottle collection not only involves rare and or expensive bottles but most importantly a display shelf.)

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, the evolved bachelor doesn’t need a support system. Not only does he do his 9-5, he takes care of his own laundry (with soap), looses the beer bottles and pizza boxes, he cooks for himself without using a microwave, he remembers birthdays and anniversaries, he takes care of his own finances, and most important of all, he calls his mom once in a while and NOT to ask for money. An evolved bachelor takes care of himself, it’s a responsibility thing.

By now you probably have an image in your head of a guy wearing a polo and some penny loafers, but that’s not the case here. No matter your personal style, whether it is polo’s and penny loafers, or baggy jeans and some Air Force 1’s, you too can be an evolved bachelor. Like I said it’s a way of life. It’s about having a good sense of one's self, hell it’s really about bettering one's self. Now I know no one is perfect, but it’s something to strive for. To put it simply the evolved bachelor doesn’t just do what he wants to do, he does the things (like it or not) he has to do.