Thursday, April 29, 2010

Outfitting The Evolved Bachelor

One day, while being chewed out by my boss, he said “perception is reality.” And I’ve got to say that has stuck with me ever since. Your probably saying to your self, okay what’s that got to do with me? Absolutely everything! If it walks, talks, and acts like a duck, it’s a duck, if it walks, talks, and acts like a chump, it’s a chump, and my friends, chumps we are not! Take a minute and examine your humble abode. Is it outfitted for the evolved bachelor? Or is it a place with mismatched furniture, no color, or a kind of a sullen place. Ask yourself, what kind of perception or worse yet, reality am I portraying here?
If you fall under the latter category, no worries it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It takes time for evolution to take place. Below is a list of the essentials of The Evolved Bachelor.

Matching plates- and we are not talking about them colorful plastic plates mom gave you before you went to college either. I recommend at least a set of 4.

Matching silver ware- because now your plates match.
Wine glasses- drinking wine out of a beer stein is not smooth at all.
Other glasses- drinking coke out of a wine glass is pretty foolish.
Place mats- not as essential but says "I have taste." Trust me women take note of these things and this is not a bad one.
Dining table and chairs- because nothing says romantic, like a three course meal on the couch.
Matching towels- so you’ve managed to get her to come over, she excuses her self to go to the bathroom, and what does she find? That busted old towel you’ve been using for years. A set of clean matching towels says “hey if you want to stay, I’ve got you covered.
Incense- we are men, we have odors, but an open window and one of these lit, and not only have you de-funkedified your home, but with the right scent you have set the mood for a wonderful evening.
A few plants- call it “going green.” A bit of color goes a long way.
Candles- I know you know how and when these are used, so use them.
Music for ambiance- we love our stereo system but some soft sounds make the evening a lot smoother.
Books- now I'm not saying you have to read them, if you do, bonus, but a few well placed books give the perception of knowledge.
Art- a tough subject but some nice framed movie posters or abstract paintings screams sophistication.

In conclusion if it walks, talks, and acts smooth and sophisticated, it is smooth and sophisticated. 

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