Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Are you a HUNTER?

Up until a few thousand years ago man, as in mankind was a society of hunters and gatherers. The forest was their mall and their settlment was the corner store. In most cases the men went to "the mall" to hunt animals for food and clothing while the women gathered fruits, nuts and other household items at the "corner store." Even though throughout the millenia the roles seem to have reversed, it got me to wondering. In today's society is shopping hunting or gathering?

The reason for such an odd question derives from an article I read from the UK. It said more men are living the single life, and unfortunately they seem to be suffering for it. A study showed that they are gaining weight and are more susceptible to depression due to poor eating habits and an inability to cook and shop for themselves. The cooking part I can understand even though I dont find it hard, but thats probably because I've been in the industry for 10 years. But shopping!! Really!!

Most of you probably would say that shopping is gathering. Thats why women do it best, it's in their DNA. And if you don't beilive the DNA thing, look at how women shop. They enter a store and peruse the racks for the right items just as if they were looking through bushes for the right kind of berries. A women can go through two or three stores before finding anything she feels is acceptable. And you call that the best!

For me personally, shopping is hunting. I already know what I want even before I leave the house. I know it's general location in the store. And as soon as I see it I buy it, then I bring it home for display. Do you see that? It's quick, consice and some might even use the hunting expression, "it's a clean kill."

I guess what I’m trying to say is, shopping isn’t difficult. Treat it as a hunt. The hunt is still in the male’s blood. We still hunt to this day and I don’t mean literally, like with a shotgun and bird shot. Look at it this way, when a group of single men go out for a night on the town, they pack together to hunt for women, hence the birth of the wing man. Or you could take my father for example. He loves to travel and he will spend days hunting for the right price on trains, planes, hotels etc. Or you can even take me for example. I’m hunting for more readers using social networking sites as veritable traps and short enticing phrases as bait. As you can see, even throughout history it’s all relative. Whether you believe it or not, you actually have shopping in your blood, it's genetics, it’s coded somewhere deep in your DNA. No longer shall you refer to it as shopping, you are hunting, and you can leave the "shopping" to the women!

Just some helpful hints to get you started in the world of shopping (excuse me, hunting). Do some online searches on what your looking for, hunt for the best prices and then pounce. And just an idea, maybe while hunting for lets say… that new button up shirt you like, it might turn out to be bait for an even better catch, if you catch my drift.

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