Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Flavors

As an evolved bachelor its time to step our beer game up. Don't get me wrong I love a 40 of Miller High Life just as much as the next man but lets be real, there's millions of beers out there just waiting for us to taste them. So here begins my new segment "Friday's Flavors." Every Friday you can look forward to a new beer to try after that long day of work. Truth be told some beers may not be in your area and for that I apologize, but try some of the restaurants or even talk to your local grocery store owner to see if they can order a case, you'd be surprised as to what asking can get you. But enough with the politics, lets get to the beer shall we.

Toady's Flavors:


Producer: The Chimay Brewery

Location: Belgium

Types and alcohol content:

Chimay Rouge (red)- 7%
Chimay Blanche (white)- 8%
Chimay Bleue- (blue)- 9%
Chimay Dore'e- (golden)- 4.8%

Fun Facts: Chimay also produces cheese. Founded in Belgium at Scourmont Abbey, it is called a Trappist beer because it's produced in a Trappist monastery, and the water used is from a well inside the monastery walls. The leftover beer mash is then used to feed the cows which produce milk they use to make the four cheeses they offer.

My opinion: I have tried the Rouge, Blanche, and Bleue. All of which are exceptional beers but the blanche is my favorite for it's dryness and it's crispness. However if you like a sweeter beer the Rouge is for you, or if your an ale man it's all about the Bleue. I've had them in bottles but once was lucky enough to find the Bleue on draught, if your as lucky to find the same I suggest you seize the opportunity.

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